From Tesco to London escorts back to Tesco

I was not making a lot of money working for my local Tesco store, so I wanted to try something different. Like most other girls I was kind of living at home against my own will, and on my current salary, there was no way that I was going to be able to move out. I thought that I had a lot more going for me, and also thought that I was kind of pretty, so I applied for a job with cheap London escort. I started part-time, and did well, so I moved out and rented a studio flat.

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Like so many other girls who work for a London escorts service, I did not want my mum and dad to know about it. This is the main reason I still worked for Tesco until I managed to billed up a really decent dating diary. When I felt that I could go full time with escort agency in London, I gave up on Tesco even though I had enjoyed the working atmosphere in the store. I told my parents I got a job in a club in London, and they seemed happy.

It was not hard to do do well at London escorts. But I must admit that I did put my heart and soul into escorting as well. Unlike all some of the girls at the escort agency in London, I had a certain plan and I wanted to move on as soon as possible. In the part of London that I lived in, you  could still pick up property and okay prices, and after about a year, I found a property that I liked. It was a doer upper as they call them, but I bought it anyway.

My parents were really proud of me, and after another couple of months with London escorts, I had done my flat up and bought furniture. I decided to stay on for a  little while until I had enough money to do a professional qualification as one of the girls at the escort agency had given me the idea. She was saving money to become a doctor, and I thought that I could perhaps get some other qualification as training to be a doctor was a bit to ambitious for me.

In the end, I left London escorts to train to be a florist. Around the same time, the Tesco store that I used to work for started a dedicated florist service. As I knew the manager, and had been coming in to do the odd shift, I did manage to get the job. Now I am a working as florist in our local Tesco store, and my friend from the escort agency in London has started medical school. I call us girls done good, and we have promised to back our stories up. We were both hostesses in a club if anyone asks, and I am pretty sure that we will always stay friends. Every so often we get together to giggle about London escorts. The funniest thing was that one of my former dates bought flowers of me the other week. He could have sworn he recognized me. Perhaps I look different in my Tesco florist gear!

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