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How To Become A High Class Escort

Many women dream of having everything their hearts desire, but come to realize that thier dreams are very out of reach. Being a high class escort allows you to achieve those monetary needs but also comes with some risk. If you are going to do this, then it has to be by your rules, Not an agency’s.The first thing you need to know is the realities of this work. Many men will pay you $200 to please them for an hour. If you check out craigslist you will see what $200 an hour gets you-Disrespectful men that don’t have the slightest idea of how to treat you. You put up with alot of crap because the money is ‘good’. In reality this is the lowest of the low and no woman should limit themselves to that. You are basically put in the position to do whatever a man wants sexually while being the submissive and being afraid of setting your own limits. Being an escort myself I learned that I can ALWAYS be in control of every situation, can charge what i want not what i think someone will give me, and realized that these men are coming to me for a service so they better play by my rules. After all, I’m not the one paying to get sex.1357202426_krasivye_devushki_dlja_monitora_41_217_bender777post

Step 1: Take some pictures. Tasteful, erotic, nude, semi-nude. Whatever, as long as your best assets are being showcased. Photoshop them so there are no visible imperfections.

Step 2: Adevertise. Set up an acount with an upscale site such as Membership prices depend on what you choose. Decide on a fantasy name and describe yourself and what you have to deliver. DO NOT list rates on this ad or explicit information. With upscale clients discretion is best. You want people to want to know more about you. You want them to go to your site. Make sure to post your pre-paid phone number and link to your site on this ad.

Step 3: Get a website. At first you might not have the money to pay a web developer to make you a site, so a free one will have to do for now. Try, they have ready made templates, all you do is insert text and pics. This is where all your information that clients need to know will be listed. Decide on what you will and will not do. Remember, it is totally up to you. You are in control. Try to put up different pictures on your site so clients can get more of a sense of what you are like. Don’t show your face, especially if you have alot to lose and don’t want your friends and family to know about your secret life. Do not charge less than $500. The kind of clients you want to attract don’t have a problem with that amount. It’s actually the average now for a one hour incall.

Step 4: Get an in call location. Much of your business will be held at your incall. Clients on their lunch break, after work, before work, love to have somewhere they can go and not worry about being seen or getting caught. Your incall has to be neat and look good. Get the mood going with candles and music. Find someone to work with as this can increase your business and heighten your safety level. Always look good. You are not getting paid above average to look like a slob. Hair, nails, makeup should always be perfect with every single client. You are providing a fantasy. Carry yourself with poise and elegance and your high paying clients will be sure to come back.

Step 5: There are many little and big things in between that are just too much to write on here. Feel free to email me with any specific questions you may have.

Choose From the Best London Escorts

lucy_goodier_1369229341_46When you choose Best London Escorts, you are choosing the highest rated escort agency in and around London. Central London escorts are the some of the most beautiful and cultured ladies in the world. We can fulfil our clients’ needs no matter what they are and we do it both professionally and discreetly. Our friendly, professional staff is available right now and ready to make your dreams come true.

This can be a time of your life if you only choose something very special that will excite you and give you proper relaxation. Only in London there are the world-famous shows and museums waiting for you. There is no other place like London where you can go to see the pop and rock concerts every day and even if you like sports –you should see the Wembley stadium, attend the Olympics etc. as London is a real capital of Europe with the biggest number of flights from all the world. This place is full of international people and.

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Live some electrifying moments with VIP London escorts!

Are you looking out for the ways to satiate your burning desires in London? If yes, there can be no other better option than to hire the services of appealing and exquisite London Escorts. London is an electrifying and exciting city where people possessing variegated tastes and preferences can make most out of their leisure hours.

Presence of a large number of gorgeous beauties enable residents as well as visitors to reduce their fatigue and stress after spending some cherished moments in their companionship. Escort services are generally hired by people for fulfilling their sensual desires in a way they want it to be.1e9246ec-afc2-49c9-bd31-ceb93402be5a_500

However, if you are seeking for a VIP treatment at your desired London escort agency then VIP escortsare there to make your dreams happen. These girls are well trained to accompany you over a grand corporate event, business conference or a social gathering. Good news is that they hold a remarkable command over English language along with unbeatable communication skills which makes them communicate with other people available around easily. Some people avoid being in the quality companionship of these girls due to the possibility of contraction of HIV or AIDS. If you are also living with the same kind of misconception then remove it out right now as these girls serve the fantasies of clients after being medically tested by concerned professionals.

London escorts are known for their charm, glamour, seductiveness, intelligence and adorability. Most folks flock to this destination more often just for lying in the arms of gorgeous beauties available at every corner of the city. These girls are so passionate and dedicated towards their profession that they leave all the prospective clients spell bound by their way of offering services.They love what they do and that is what basically makes them stand ahead from escorts of other destinations.These charming ladies love pleasuring clients to the core of their heart so as to leave no space for disappointments.

VIP escort of London offer high class services to the clients so that they do not have to look down upon in front of their friends, colleagues and associates.Not only this, if you accompany a VIP escort with you, your friends and colleagues will definitely feel jealous of you and crave to have the same kind of companionship for them.You can book your favorite girl either offline or online but before booking any particular escort, do not forget to check out her profile with a close look. You can also explore the comments or feedback about your desired girl given by the past clients so as to imagine the extent of fun, she has to offer.SoScience Articles, live some unforgettable moments of your life with VIP London escorts now!