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Having sex

Having sex without engaging into marriage is a mortal sin which young generation now is practicing. There were those who are new to the world of teenage life which got into it. It sounds ridiculous but it’s true, teenagers are too hot in terms of their mutual feelings to opposite sex. This is due to lack of information from what is sex all about. Sex is funny. Don’t take it seriously. Make the best funny thing about it. Somehow you end up regretting on the silly thoughts at the back of your mind. Do what makes you feel fun. Do not put limitations as long as you are enjoying make it real.

Those kinds of opinions were so true to many but sadly there were those who feel dump for the very first time experiencing sex. Mostly the first encounter to sex is not something special and that sounds embarrassing.  These are the feelings of the most women who losses their virginity. At first it hurts tremendously. You will be snapped shut and moan from pain but you just have to feel like you wanted it by moaning and groaning. But once you get used to it these pains will be replaced with so much pleasure.

Getting so wild with sex consumes bodily fluids, these sounds cheesy but it’s true. In order to attain this you need to cut the open and crawl inside the ribcage, submerge yourself in all the junk that lives beneath the skin. Getting an ass penetrated is a prerequisite for life because it teaches humility and teamwork.  Thus it leads to a fascinating sexual pleasure you could ever have.

If these young minds were fully injected with the knowledge about sex they will not be curious enough and try it on their own. Looking at the young mother who even can’t afford to feed herself raring a child could totally break your heart. But you can’t do anything about it; all you have to do is to help them. Crimes were committed by the young due to the absence of guidance with what will happen once they do sex with their peers. Yes they find it fun and fulfilling. But does they even know the result of the act they gone through.