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Fashionable London

I have some friends who work as London escorts and I think they must be the most fashionable girls that I know. Many of them do work long hours and earn good money, so why should they spend the money on themselves, I think that is completely okay. However, I have to say that some of my London escorts friends are real divas when it comes to shopping. They simply must have all of the latest designs out and I think they can overdose on handbags. I recently suggested to one of my London friends that she sell off some of her handbags and make herself some money. She went nuts and started to call them her babies.

Personally, I love to shop as well but I have discovered a smarter way of shopping. Second hand clothes shop, or consignments shops, sometimes offer you some money on the clothes you take in. They sell them for you, and you then end up with some money at the end of it. With that you can buy some new clothes or something from the shop. Lots of ladies that I know use them and I have recommended them to my London escorts friends. Most of my cheap London escorts friends have wardrobes full of clothes that could go to new homes.

The beauty is that if you have designer gear, most customers of this shops are prepared to pay a fair bit for nice clothes. Some people even get as much as 80% back of the initial purchase price and that I think is pretty good. So, if you dressed cost you £100, you will get about £70 back once you have paid some commission to the shop. Many of these shops support charities as well, and this is another reason I have suggested them to my cheap London escorts friends. I simply told all the girls at London escorts services, that they would be doing some good at the same time.

Now, what should you invest in at second hand shops? Well, I have bought quite a few bits but my favorite thing is actually hand bags and exercise clothes. Brand names such as Adidas are great but they are very expensive. I have bought some really nice sport gears in second hand shops. However, I have not that Lucy, the hand bag fanatic from London escorts, is only using them as a way of adding to her hand bag collection. Perhaps she is one of those cheap escorts in London who has a handbag addiction.

Shopping is fun but it easy to go over the top. may earn well but many of them have still got into trouble with their credit card companies. It is better to try to control your shopping addiction and buy the things that you need. For some people this is easier said than done and they don’t have anything in life to distract them from shopping, so they shop. Shopping is not happiness but it would be nice to think that we could find something in our lives that give us contentment.

The girls from Berkshire

Is it your first time dating Berkshire escorts from Well, welcome to the honey pot because you will certainly find some hot and exotic beauties out here in Berkshire. The Better Sex Guide was surprised to hear that a lot of gents were not aware of the existence of Berkshire escort agencies. Berkshire is a nice country to live in. After all, it is not called Royal Berkshire for nothing. Here in Berkshire you will be able to find some right Royal Berkshire escorts to give you a good time, and make you want to come back to see them again and again.

Hot Berkshire Escorts

If you are new to Berkshire escorts, you may want to know what they are like. Well, let me reassure you. These ladies are as hot and thrilling as many of the ladies you will find in places like Mayfair and Knightsbridge. Elite Berkshire babes can liven up your Friday evening by coming to your home for an outcall that you will never forget. If, you have some sexy dreams that you like to tell Berkshire babes about, I know that they would be delighted to listen to your dreams and perhaps become part of them. Would you like that???

Finding an Escort in Berkshire

Finding an escorts in Berkshire is easy. Just look up some escort agencies web sites, and you will find the most amazing ladies for your pleasure. There are horny and sexy blondes, and then you have the stunning, curvaceous brunettes who are just waiting for your call. Independent escorts are available in Berkshire as well. But as always, the Better Sex Guide recommends using agencies as they always offer the hottest and most sensational girls for you to share your dreams with. Whether you are after a party girl to take to your mate’s stag do, or a more sophisticated lady, everything is right at your finger tips.

Booking is easy

Once you have found your dream date, all you need to do is to call the agency. Your call will be taken by one of the front desk girls, and she will explain everything to you. The front desk girl will explain the different services the escort of your choice offers, and she will also be able to tell you about the lady’s more intimate details if you need to know a bit more about her. All you really need to worry about is choosing a blonde or a brunette, the rest can be discussed over the phone.

Once everything has been arranged, all you need to worry about is what you and your dream date is going to do for the next couple of hours. Are you going to spend a quiet evening behind closed doors, or are you planning a night on the town? The choice is yours. For a few hours a dream girl will be yours, and you will be able to set the place and discover new pleasures. Why sit alone on a Friday night when you could be enjoying some sinful adult fun with a couple of desirable Berkshire escorts?